About Best Friends Pet Rescue

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Charitable Fundraising #: CFN/23564

Who are we?

Best Friends Pet Rescue are an association of volunteers who rescue and provide foster care in our own homes. We do not profit in any way from rescuing and rehoming pets – in fact, almost all of us are continually out-of-pocket from these activities but we do it because we care about animals! 

Why do we do what we do?

The volunteers of Best Friends Pet Rescue embrace the No Kill philosophy. “No Kill” means stopping the killing of all treatable and healthy adoptable pets. It does not mean that animals are never euthanised – euthanasia is an act of mercy to end suffering and we do not believe this word should be used to describe the killing that takes place in Australian pounds and shelters. Every year, many healthy pets are killed in Australian pounds and shelters. For far too long, we have been told that there is no other way and that the killing is entirely the fault of irresponsible pet owners and that shelters are merely performing the public’s dirty work.

These animals’ only “crime” is that they don’t have a home. Others may be sick or injured, but they could be saved with little effort. Unfortunately, they, too, will be killed. *In the last decade, several progressive shelters have put into place a bold series of lifesaving programs and services which have dramatically reduced the death rate in their communities. The resulting success proves that there is a formula for lifesaving, and that if we are to achieve a No Kill nation, it is incumbent upon shelters nationwide to embrace the programs and services which have been proven to save lives. By working with people, implementing lifesaving programs, and treating each life as precious, a shelter can transform a community.

About us

A registered charity based in Wagga Wagga and the ACT. We rescue, foster and rehome (wo)man’s Best Friends! 

Our mission

Our mission is to rescue and rehome healthy, treatable pets from shelters in the ACT and NSW region.

Our story

100% of donations and proceeds are used to pay for veterinary treatment, pound fees, transport costs, and other costs of caring for the animals.

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