Become A Foster Carer


You must also be a member of Best Friends Pet Rescue in order to be a foster carer, for insurance reasons. Please be sure to also complete a membership application.

Why do we ask all these questions?

Each animal’s temperament, as well as its breed’s inherited tendencies, are different. At Best Friends Pet Rescue, we do our best to match foster families to the pet that is suited to their expectations, lifestyle, activity levels, and the like. Please do not feel offended by this application, we want to do our best to ensure that you and your foster pet are suited to each other!

About us

A registered charity based in Wagga Wagga and the ACT. We rescue, foster and rehome (wo)man’s Best Friends! 

Our mission

Our mission is to rescue and rehome healthy, treatable pets from shelters in the ACT and NSW region.

Our story

100% of donations and proceeds are used to pay for veterinary treatment, pound fees, transport costs, and other costs of caring for the animals.

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