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Female Kelpie/Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dog, est DOB 15/06/2020

Adoption Fee 425.00
  • Good with dogs

  • Mouse is a special pup who will need a special home. She came to us after being left anonymously at a pound at approx 8-9 weeks old, so we don’t know why she was so afraid of people that she wouldn’t let anyone near her. She snapped at everyone who tried to touch her, and she hid from anyone who went in her foster carer’s yard. It took her foster carers four weeks of desensitisation and counter conditioning (with lots of roast chicken) to let them touch her. That was a breakthrough and she soon started snuggling on her carer’s lap. After 2 more months, she will now approach new people and accept pats as long as they are calm and non-threatening. She still shies away from sudden loud noises and you can’t approach her with any objects in your hand - not even a phone. Mouse’s fearful behaviours have greatly reduced in her foster home, and she’s not having any issues there, so it’s time for her to get her own home and get settled there while she’s still a pup. She looks to other dogs for reassurance and models their behaviours, so an adoptive home with a friendly dog is a must. She will also need her own kennel or other safe retreat when she needs space. No young children due to the noise levels and unpredictable behaviours. She is 90% housetrained, but you can’t leave her indoors unsupervised as she’s still a teething, furniture-chewing puppy. She’s also been caught swinging from the lounge room curtains! Located in Wagga.

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