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Female Domestic Medium Hair Cat, est DOB 01/12/2020

Adoption Fee 250.00
  • Good with cats
  • Housetrained

  • This gorgeous little floofball is a talkative and cuddly kitty approximately 9 months old. She likes to wind around your ankles and chat at you, so she wouldn’t be suited to an owner who could trip over her. She also has a fascination with the toilet brush (eww!!) so we have learnt to dash quickly through the toilet door to keep her out of there else she zooms in and goes straight to the brush. Laina is used to being an indoor cat and enjoys going out into the netted catio, is comfortable living with another cat, and is getting used to being near the resident dogs but is still wary of them. She likes to sleep on your pillow. Laina doesn’t adjust to change easily - when we brought her into foster care, she hid under the bed in the guest bedroom for a couple of weeks before she felt comfortable coming out and exploring the rest of the house, so her adopter will need to be understanding and give her a safe space and time to adapt - we will be happy to help you organise a safe space for her. Laina is located in Wagga Wagga.

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