Why you should adopt a big dog

With lots of beautiful big dogs ready for new homes, we’re sharing some of the many reasons why these jumbo canines make wonderful pets.

Looking for a new dog? Here are five reasons why you should adopt a big dog.

1. Their personalities are just as big as their bodies
From the goofy clowns to the gentle sweethearts, big dogs are full of personality. Their extra-large character will fill their home with fun and love.

2. The cuteness is amplified
Brace yourself for big puppy dog eyes, big head tilts, and big tail wags. Big dogs are adorable on a grand scale.

3. Two words: cuddle buddy
Big dog equals big cuddles. Whether you’re watching a movie on the couch or having a snooze in bed, you’ll always have a cuddle buddy to keep you cosy.

4. They’ll motivate you
Lost your motivation to exercise this winter? A big dog will help you find it. They’ll have you out and about for walks, seeing new places and meeting new people (fellow dog-lovers like you!).

5. They deserve a home too
We have so many big dogs available for adoption. Every one of them is special in their own way, and every one of them is deserving of a caring forever home. Adopt a big dog and you’ll be rewarded with gigantic hugs and colossal kisses.

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