Shelter Spotlight: Blanca

Blanca came into Best Friends Pet Rescue after her visit to Glenfield Road Animal Shelter in Wagga Wagga, NSW. Blanca, a staffordshire bull terrier, is only 18 weeks old. Her foster carer noticed she was extremely clingy and happy to curl up in between her legs on the lounge.

Blanca’s foster carer noticed she wasn’t responding to commands as well as she should be, and after a visit to Charles Sturt University Vets, it was confirmed that little Blanca is deaf.

Many white dogs are born deaf because the light coat/skin colour cells and particular cells in the inner ear arise from the same stem cells during embryonic development. Deaf dogs require tailored training and they able to lead a happy life as part of a family.

Blanca is already learning to respond to hand signals and will is ready to be adopted into a family that will give her the special care she requires. If you are interested in adopting Blanca, please head over to the Apply to Adopt page and fill out the form.

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