Success Stories


Poppy settled in like she belonged from the beginning.  She was super easy to train.  Though I don’t think she’ll ever stop digging a hole to China! She has a run morning and night. If I’m late home from work she digs an extra big hole while she waits.  I fill it in each day and she digs it again. We have a bit of a thing going with that hole! There’s some bushland she loves running in and a little creek. She runs round like a jack rabbit. 

After dinner at night she likes to come watch tv for a bit.  Her big ‘brother’ is 10 so he likes an early night and that is far too boring for her. She gets heaps of socialising and is just so super loveable. Likes a bit of a cuddle in the morning before her walk.  We have a Great Dane that visits and they just love playing together.

Oh, and she watches tv on the lounge on her back with her eyes closed!!! Very clever.
Thanks guys for letting us have our beautiful Poppy!!

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