Success Stories


We are long term cat owners. My husband and I had cats for 17 years who we lost 8 months apart 2-3 years ago. It took us time to grieve and recover from the loss of our long-time friends. My daughter had a very special relationship with my female cat and although she was only 2 years old when the cat passed away she still talks about how much she loved and misses her.

On New Year’s Eve 2016 we decided to adopt a kitten from the RSPCA. Napoleon was 9 weeks old, affectionate, friendly and very outgoing but after a couple of weeks it was apparent we had a very socially active kitten and decided to get him a play mate. So off I went to and started looking for another cat. I had only a few key criteria, the cat had to be able to cope with a 4 year old, not be afraid and be able to adapt to my husband in a wheelchair, and had to be female (4yr old’s request).

There were so many cats for adoption in February (2017) that it was overwhelming. The description provided of 4 month old Pearl (who we have named Josephine) was the deciding point for us. The adoption process was quick and the foster mum and Best Friends Pet Rescue staff member were great!

Josephine is such a perfect model of a cat and came to our home well adjusted, fully litter trained and with very few bad habits. (Our old cats were both had rough early starts and had a number of behavioural issues we had to manage.)

Napoleon and Josephine took a brief 4 days to decide that the other kitten was the best thing in the whole world. They were inseparable, even to the point of using their litter trays together. As they have gotten older and are nearing adulthood they are not as attached at the tail, but they will be a lifelong bonded pair.

Josephine is independent and knows what she does and doesn’t like. I was surprised at how quickly she settled into our home and completely adopted our daughter. In just over 12 hours Josephine had curled up on a pillow above her head and started grooming her hair. We knew in that moment she was here to stay. She goes to bed every night with her 4yr old and spends most, if not all, night curled up with her. Girl and kitten are so cute to watch playing together, and sometimes they let Napoleon join in.  Neither kitten has used a claw or tooth in play, or anger.

Josephine has a very special relationship with her 4yr old, that we can only envy.  Josephine does not like being picked up, except by her little girl, and she will never be a lap cat with anyone else. And yet, she is not shy or afraid. She is affectionate with adults in her own way.  She will lean against my leg and reach a paw up if she wants a pat. If she is up on the cat tree she will reach out her nose for a nose-to-nose bump ‘hello’. We respect her space.

Josephine is also the house timekeeper. She has decided 5pm on the dot every night is dinner time, and if our daughter is not in bed at 7.30pm Josephine is in bed waiting for her.

2016 was a very difficult year for my family. My husband was very unwell and spent most of the year in hospital. They say pet therapy can really help, and our family is testimony to the benefits. Watching the kittens frolic and play together brought laughter back into our home.  Josephine has certainly found her furrever home with us.

More than anything I want to say thank you to Allie and her partner, Josephine’s foster parents, as well as Best Friends Pet Rescue for giving Josephine such a wonderful start in life so that we can just enjoy her.

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